translated from Spanish: Details of Mauricio Macri’s agenda in Mendoza

Mauricio Macri will arrive in Mendoza next Monday. The first representative will visit the province to inaugurate the works of Ruta 40, it is the paving of about 140 kilometers, between the town of Pareditas and El Sosneado. That activity is scheduled around 11 a.m. It is estimated that within hours the president will comply with the scheduled agenda, which includes two acts of government and a political meeting. He will arrive around 10 a.m. to head south provincial, then return to Mendoza City to complete the remaining activities. August 11 is the Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primary (PASS) for the positions of president and national legislators. The electoral ban, which prohibits government announcements, begins on July 17, making it one of its last appearances under this modality. With great hermeticism regarding the activities of the President, it was known a few hours ago that a regional political act will be held with the candidates for national deputies in the three provinces of Cuyo. It will be at the Angel Bustelo Auditorium in the city of Mendoza. There is great expectation, especially on the public attitude taken by the governor of the province and president of the Radical Civic Union, Alfredo Cornejo also pre-candidate for national deputy as he has tried to take off from national management in more than one Opportunity. In this note:

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