translated from Spanish: Esteban González appeared in Court and was detained for taxi driver’s crime

Upon leaving the La Plata Prosecutor’s Office, Esteban González’s lawyers talked about the change in status in the last few hours, which led the guarantee judge to determine the prison of the accused of murdering Jorge Gómez, following a beating by a tránsit argument o.Juan Gabriel Mendi was the first to speak, and determined the surprise by this decision: “We come to fulfill a procedural act of a new statement based on the change of qualification by virtue of the death of Mr. Gomez and surprisingly we are notified by the prosecution that the Guarantee Judge changed the decision he had made yesterday and ordered the arrest to be electrified.”

“In the face of this, Gonzalez was stopped and now the defense will have to raise the resources that we think are appropriate for the House to review as soon as possible a resolution that the guarantee judge took on the day of the date,” he said, while then detailing more details your partner. José Luis Villada also detailed and added: “We will try to raise the necessary resources to improve the condition of our defendant.” The lawyer also claimed that Gonzalez lent himself to the statement but made use of the right to remain silent on the defense’s recommendation.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, one of the reasons for the arrest is the cover cambo after the death of Jorge Gómez, on Friday’s day, for which it became “aggravated homicide by alevosía and ensavation”. The other is because it is believed that there may be danger of escape of the aggressor.

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