translated from Spanish: Girardi points to PC for reaction to Bachelet’s Venezuela report: “There is a before and after in the match”

A few days ago the Communist Party (PC) referred to the lapidary report delivered by UN high commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, on Venezuela’s socio-political crisis.
Through a statement, the PC said it is “necessary to clarify what could be understood as inconsistencies, contradictions, unfounded presumptions and generalizations, which meant the lack of impartiality in the report.”
It is worth mentioning that Bachelet noted in the document that on his visit to the Caribbean country he found “numerous human rights violations”, among which there have been “thousands of deaths” and “extrajudicial executions”.
Faced with the PC’s stance, Senator PPD Guido Girardi says it changes the political stage regarding alliances that can be forged in the center left.
“I think the PC self-excluded the challenges of a progressive project for the 21st century,” the lawmaker told El Mercurio.
“For us, the essence of coexistence is to have a common vision of the importance of respect for DDs. HH., and when that is relativized, then, the essential thing that allows me to articulate agreements is called into question,” he added.
“When there are left-wing forces who give up on making DDs. Hh. the main flag, for me is a huge damage done to the challenges and struggles that the left has in the 21st century,” Girardi told the PC.
Asked for the political future of the Center Left, the senator says that “Chile needs a modern center-left, offering governance and offering inclusion. It seems to me that there are interesting actors on the Broad Front, very valuable young leaders, but I believe that the FA does not offer governance for the 21st century.”
And finally, on the future of the PPD, Girardi noted that “our natural allies are PS and PR, and the natural ally of us must be the scientific world, the academic world, the universities. I don’t think politics can be done from politics alone.”

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