translated from Spanish: Nicole Neumann: «If you come into my house and I have a gun, I use it»

The panelist from Us in The Morning raised her hand immediately when Sandra Borghi asked who would be encouraged to wield a gun. «I live alone are my daughters, if they come into my house and I have a gun, I use it,» Nicole Neumann explained.After the robbery at a bakery in Lomas de Zamora, the members of the morning program of El Thirteen would discuss the use of weapons as a defense strategy against the delinc enteas. 

Indiana’s mother, Allegra and Sienna, recounted that a while ago she went to the Federal Shot to learn to shoot for a security matter, although she did not mean if she had weapons. After an attempted robbery in 2010 at Quilmes, he decided to learn how to handle guns. «I understand it’s not normal. Not everyone would be encouraged (to shoot). I’m very independent, I have a special story. Before they touched my daughters’ hair in front of my daughters or touched my daughters’ hair, I would be encouraged,» she said.

«Today is your life or that of the other. If they come with a gun, shoot you no means you do what you do, try to defend yourself, or don’t try to defend yourself. I got an uncle who didn’t even try to defend himself, and he got shot. What were they going to steal from a person who goes for a collector for Munro?» the panelist said. On the assault on Baby Etchechopar in 2012, he considered: «Think about the case of Baby Etchecopar, what if he didn’t have a gun to defend himself? He and his children died,» he mused. Then he justified his decision to learn to shoot: «You do a special course in which you learn to throw, learn to handle a gun and look for them to give you the ride. It’s not that anyone can have a gun and shoot like a monkey.»

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