translated from Spanish: They urge not to give money to street children

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- To prevent street children from being directly exposed to drug-related situations or accidents on the boulevards, the Office of the Office for the Protection of Children and Adolescents in Ahome urges citizens not to give them money . At the moment, 18 children are rescued from the streets, who have been educated and their lives greatly improved. 

The solicitor Dulce María Valenzuela Alvarez pointed out that in this holiday season these situations are increased, so they are made rondines to be able to detect them and offer support such as education and health. HELP US Click the Google News star and follow us
«This in order to be able to settle them still on the streets. It is through PANNASIR where rondines are made where the children can be located and they offer the programs as education, this so that they have a better quality of life». He ruled that in Los Mochis an exploitation network is being given to infants and noted that the main factor for the child to be in these places is the economic situation, so a study must be carried out in order to make a correct detection and try to solve their s «Ituations.» Regularly children are between 10 and 15 years old, they are the ages of the minors that we can observe on the boulevards, so it is essential that people do not give them money to prevent them from being placed on the streets.» In addition, Valenzuela Alvarez mentioned that migrant children who are found with problems are also given proper attention, which are channeled to PANNASIR; However, being people who are passing through it makes it difficult to follow up on them. Recommendations
Finally, the solicitor reiterated to the public not to give a coin to minors who offer a service such as cleaning the glass.» We as a society must educate ourselves and when we do not give you a coin it will give us the awareness that the child is not there, because if we continue to give that coin, the child will not leave and there will be.» Finally, Valenzuela Alvarez pointed out that the city center is being checked to find minors on the streets to give them due attention and recovery in their life. 

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