translated from Spanish: 105 Central American migrants rescued from northeastern Mexico

Mexican authorities rescued 105 abandoned Central American migrants with signs of dehydration in the northern state of Nuevo León, Mexico, official sources reported today. In a first operation, police items detected a group of people traveling overcrowded in a van bound for Tamaulipas, from then crossing into the United States, according to a report from the New Léon Secretariat of Public Security (SSP).

The migrants were locked in the vehicle unable to open the doors or windows, as the driver fled the scene before the police men arrived, abandoning them. A total of 36 people were served, including 12 women and seven older men, as well as 17 adolescents from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

In another operation, police officers carrying out patrolwork noticed several vehicles stationed in the Barrio Norte colony, where a large group of people were located. To rule out a crime, the uniforms approached the place and, immediately, a man asked them for help, referring that they had long waited for the people who left them there and who assured them that they would return to take them to The United States.Due to the heat in the region, the undocumented had some symptoms of sunstroke and dehydration. Five vehicles were secured in the place in which 69 undocumented vehicles were travelling, of which 33 are minors and 36 are adults, also from Central America.In both cases, foreigners were unable to prove their legal stay in Mexico, which is why they were unable to prove their legal stay in Mexico, which is why were transferred to the National Migration Institute to process their legal stay in the Latin American country. Since mid-October of the previous year, thousands of migrants have been crossing Mexico with the goal of reaching the United States, many of whom travel by caravan for safety.

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