translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez promised to “stand up to the Conicet” if he becomes president

This Saturday, July 13, the pre-candidate for President Alberto Fernández participated in an Open Meeting of the Education of the Front for All in which he promised to “stand the Conicet and all the research organizations that Argentina has” to win the elec “Every time a scientist emigrates we should be ashamed of ourselves, because it is a state investment and everyone who goes elsewhere,” he said at the event held at the National University of General Sarmiento, in Los Polvorines. He was accompanied by Axel Kicillof and his formula partner in the province of Buenos Aires, Veronica Magario.
In the same vein, Fernández emphasized that “the richest societies are the ones that have cultivated the intelligence of their members and have never resigned to science and technology.”

The richest societies are those that invest in education, science and technology. We need to know what interest we want to respond to. And between the interest of the IMF and the interest of the people and our kids, Axel and I chose the latter. — Alberto Fernandez (@alferdez)
July 13, 2019

Another of the presidential hopeful’s election longing is “that kids have one more day of class.” When we went to government with Nestor Kirchner, we created the law that gave him the 6% budget. We work so that there are 180 days of class. Everything worked until they got here. And things happened, ” he chicane. He concluded: “No one can be happy seeing kids take to the streets with their families in labor crises. And they don’t even have a school to house them. I propose that on December 10th we turn the page and start building the society we long for.” In this note:

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