translated from Spanish: Murder Unleashes Chase and Shooting in Zapopan

Guadalajara.- A shooting assault in Tlajomulco, in which a man was killed, led to a shooting chase between police and armed civilians that ended in Periférico, zapopan, with the arrest of two suspects. The incident caused the road to close, in the sense that it goes from Mariano Otero to Guadalupe, which is causing a major traffic jam.

According to the Tlajomulco Police, at around 11:00 hours they were reported a shooting attack on Avenida de las Grapes and Road to Union of the Four, in colonia Hacienda de los Fresnos.Al arrive, they tracked down a lifeless man in a 2004 Ford Expedition , and a woman and two children, aged 3 and 11, with scum from impacts of pieces of glass.

Photo: Reform Agency

In the investigation it was known that those responsible were in a gray Jetta and a black Suburban, of which, the first was detected on Adolf B. Horn Avenue and Road to the Dam, in the Fractional Hills of La Cruz.After that, a chase began and an exchange or the shots that culminated in Periférico, at the height of Calle Carlos Medina, in Colonia El Colli, in Zapopan, where other patrolmen intercepted the car. In addition to arresting two subjects, the authorities secured them a short 9-millimeter-caliber weapon and an AK-47, the Tlajomulco Police Station added. Two more attackers, however, managed to escape by running away.

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