translated from Spanish: Notimex correspondents demand dialogue table

Journalists who had served as Notimex’s overseas correspondents claimed that neither the government nor the Agency has addressed their claims, that the extension of their contracts for 2019 was unilaterally suspended, and their bond was terminated without offering compensation.
In a letter, they noted that after dissatisfied it, the “official reaction was that our cases would be analyzed and resolved one by one, which has not happened.”
This, they added, “even though we have already initiated a class action that requires a formal position and response from the Agency.”
In this situation, they demanded that a Notimex dialogue table be established with their legal representative.
On March 22, the Mexican State News Agency (Notimex) denied that the employment relationship has been “unilaterally altered” and suspended the payment of 20 foreign correspondents or that they are in the “abandonment”, as they pointed out in a missive sent to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
Notimex noted that the legal relationship that exists with them is of an administrative nature, arising from a contract for the provision of services for a fixed (annual) period, which they accepted and signed from 2013, which was when they were modified in the relationship with institution.
From that date, according to Notimex, each year a process of contracting services, and signing their respective contract was established, in accordance with the Law on Acquisitions, Leases and Services of the Public Sector and its Regulations.
In this regard, correspondents claim that the extension of their contracts for this year was unilaterally suspended, and their employment link ended without offering compensation, even though some of them have antiques between 8 and 35 years old as workers of the company.
“In January and February we participated in two tenders promoted by the company to rehire us in 2019, with drastic pay reductions that we accept in order to maintain sources of work and in the hope that our contractual situation will finally be would be regularized under the new administration,” they recounted in their letter dated July 14.
“The tender offers meant that the financial resources to cover our salaries existed but, without any explanation, the formalities were paralyzed, left us in limbo for months and finally announced that no contract would be renewed.
Since 2013, the General Management of the Agency has forced us, under threat of dismissal, to sign annual contracts as service providers. However, given our industrial antiquities, we have acquired rights since, in fact, we were workers in relation to dependency that we were never part of the Union nor had a link with its leader, whose managements are being investigated”, Added.
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