translated from Spanish: There’s crime competition for winning over young people: AMLO

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said there is a competition with organized crime to win over the country’s youth, and prevent them from taking “antisocial channels,” end up in jail, or dead.
“Prisons are full of young people, those who lose their lives are young. We have to attend to them and compete in this field with organized crime, say: ‘Let’s see, you take the young people, we will see who can more, because I will give the young people options, because I do not want you to take them, I do not want young people to get lost r’. We’re going to work like this,” said the president in Buenavista Tomatlán, Michoacán.
In previous administrations, he criticized, young people were abandoned or branded ninis. “They never cared about them and as the young man took the path of antisocial behaviors, they were massacred. That was politics. Not that anymore,” he said.
López Obrador said his government works to serve that sector, with programs such as Young Building the Future, and a campaign is being launched, to counter the increase in drug use.
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“Before, drugs were not used in Michoacán or in the country as it is now consumed, precisely because of the values that existed,” the president said.
“As social breakdown occurred, young people became depressed, frustrated, and followed the bad example, and now it turns out that we have an increase in drug use, and from the worst drugs, poison drugs, destructive drugs, killing drugs, destroying young people,” he added.
In the campaign against drug use, he said, messages will be transmitted in the mass media, but churches will also intervene.
“We are going to implement a national campaign, radio, television, with all the churches, with the evangelical churches, with the Catholic Church, and also freethinkers, all of us, to orient ourselves to behave well and make it look that only by being good can we be happy. That’s what’s going to be put into practice,” the Executive’s headline said.
Elsewhere in his speech, the president said he is not very concerned about the economy, even though there are warnings about a possible recession.
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“I’m sure there’s going to be growth and there’s going to be jobs, there’s going to be welfare, there’s going to be development… where is my concern and occupation? On the issue of insecurity, violence and also the problem of poor services in the country’s public health system,” he said.
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