translated from Spanish: Bolsonaro: Critics support your son as U.S. ambassador

Brasilia.- Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro on Monday disputed the criticism he received in recent days after weighing a child as ambassador of the United States and stated that they reflect that Eduardo Bolsonaro is “the right person” to occupy the office.” If he is being criticized, it is a sign that he is the right person,” the representative said in the Chamber of Deputies, during an Army memorial event.

The head of state, in power since January 1, announced last week his intention to appoint his son Eduardo Bolsonaro as Brazil’s ambassador to Washington and, amid the criticism received, denied that an eventual appointment would be a case of nepotism.
The representative assured that the final decision is now in the hands of the deputy, from whom he highlighted his command of English and Spanish and his good relationship with the sons of US President Donald Trump.” I was thinking: Can you imagine if in Brazil we had President Mauricio Macri’s son as ambassador to Argentina? Obviously the deal would be different from that of a normal ambassador,” Bolsonaro said in press statements last week. The third of Bolsonaro’s sons, aged 35 – minimum age to be ambassador to the country – was Brazil’s most-voted MP in the legislative elections last October and serves as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the House of Deputies.The legislator defended his credentials last week and assured that he “has a world experience” and, in addition, has fried burgers in the United States.In case the appointment was made, Eduardo Bolsonaro, who shares the ideological line of his father and has also been the protagonist of controversial statements, he might be forced to leave his seat in the Chamber of Deputies.

Eduardo Bolsonaro (i), son of Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro (d). / EFE.

In recent months the legislator has acted as a kind of informal chancellor and in March accompanied the Brazilian president on his first official visit to the United States, where he participated in Bolsonaro’s meeting with Trump in the Oval Hall of the House Blanca.The Chancellor of Brazil, Ernesto Araújo, was left out of this meeting, but, according to the official version of the Government, Eduardo participated in the meeting only because he would have been invited by the American president himself. 

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