translated from Spanish: Childhood Advocate for 20 years’ presidio against former Gope for torture and shooting against Catrillanca’s companion

In the framework of the Catrillanca case, details were known of the indictment filed by the Children’s Ombudsman’s Court at the Temuco Guarantee Court. As reported by La Tercera, the document was made against eight of the defendants in the murder of the Mapuche commune. In particular, the agency emphasizes the detention of Catrillanca’s companion, a 15-year-old boy. In this sense, the child advocate, Patricia Muñoz, asks for sentences higher than the Prosecutor’s Office against the Gope officials who would have been involved. On the one hand, for former sergeant Carlos Alarcón, who according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office is the one who shot Catrillanca in the head and took his life from the Ombudsman’s Office, he asks for 15 years as the perpetrator of the foiled crime of qualified homicide against the companion of the comunero. Also, in the case of former GOPE member Raúl Avila, the agency requested 20 years of effective presidio split into two: 10 for the offences of “unjustified shooting” and the other half for torture against the child. In this sense, the document specifies that when Catrillanca is shot, seconds later “the accused Avila Morales pounced on the young man, throws him to the ground and hit him in various parts of the body, forcing him to stay upside down in the mud, and then immobilize him by tying his hands with excessive and unwarranted pressure, putting one of his legs on his back, causing physical injuries consisting of coastal bruises on the left side, 1.55 cm pink scar on the dorsal face of the left wrist and 3 cm scar on the side face of the left wrist.”

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