translated from Spanish: CNTE said it won’t defend irregular teachers

Morelia, Michoacán.- In establishing that an average of 2 thousand incidences in the census that was applied in the educational payroll of Michoacán are recorded at the moment, due to the federalization, the secretary general of the National Workers’ Coordinator of the Education (CNTE), Victor Manuel Zavala Hurtado, assured no defense of any teachers with irregularities.
This after warning that airmen are detected.
In interview prior to the beginning XVI workshop of the Popular Educator that each year conducts the guild towards the beginning of the School Cycle 2019-2020, the leader referred the reported cases that they charge without working or, that at some point the authority made relocations, but teachers do not appear in schools.
 “We are not going to defend any teacher who charges without working, what we raise is that we don’t want anyone outside the classroom, and section XVIII is asking for all the official data to be delineated responsibilities,” he said.
Similarly, it noted that labour rights would not be allowed to be violated.
Zavala Hurtado also anticipated that in the diagnostic process carried out by the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) together with the Federation’s Higher Audit (ASF) in Michoacán, some teachers, without specifying the number, approached the Sectional Committee to report that the principal of the school failed to put them on the list, and therefore appear as “aviators”, so they will provide the authorities with the corresponding information so that the labour rights of the teachers are not affected.
It will be remembered that more than 30 thousand state places are financed by the government of the Republic, so Zavala Hurtado bet to end the uncertainty of payments, since they are still owed 7 bonuses.

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