translated from Spanish: Hyundai and Yandex team up to take self-driving taxi to Russia

Autonomous driving is getting closer and closer. From Russia, Hyundai has made an autonomous taxi with Yandex (that country’s Google) so that in the not-so-distant future it can be used by the city. It is a unit of the Sonata model that is responsible for carrying out this test. The first tests were carried out in a closed circuit where the car behaved optimally when driving without its driver and under different weather conditions and artificial traffic. This vehicle has been chosen to form a fleet of 100 autonomous units that by the end of this year could enter service over Moscow.In Russia, from August 2018, more precisely in the cities of Skólkovo and Innopolis, its inhabitants can already take autonomous taxis. An application requests the service that does not present a driver but does accompany. Anyone who sits on the opposite side of the wheel for safety reasons is a specialized engineer. Yandex also plans to introduce the service soon in Tel Aviv (Israel), but in other European countries the legislation is somewhat conservative and will take a while longer to put into practice. In this note:

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