translated from Spanish: Piñera will send instructive for electoral interventionism

Government Secretary-General Cecilia Perez said President Piñera decided to make an instruttive to remind “all authorities, what are the limits that the law and Comptroller determine to support election candidacies.”
This, after the UDI asked his party’s authorities to support the collective candidates who will compete for the post of regional governor.
In that vein, Pérez dismissed the accusations of interventionism arising from the opposition and said that “there is no interventionism here and there will be no political interventionism, as there has not been in the governments of President Piñera. These are bad practices of governments on the left.”
The government spokeswoman added that “we comply with the law at non-working times, without abuse of the role of authority, and fulfilling both the opinions of the Comptroller’s Office, by the way that any person as a citizen and having that right in addition, can collaborate and participate.”
“That said, as a government our first priority is to make good government, and we know that by public officials that we are collaborating with President Piñera,” added the government spokesman, who said the instructive will be sent “as soon as possible possible.”

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