translated from Spanish: Trump released new regulations limiting asylum to Central American migrants

The U.S. government on Monday has launched new regulations that would hinder the asylum process for Central American migrants who have arrived in the country across the border with Mexico.” A person who enters or attempts to enter the United States via the southern border after failing to request asylum in a third country other than his or her nationality or legal residence through which he has traveled to the United States is ineligible for the asil “, reads the executive text. The draft, prepared jointly by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, which was deposited in the Federal Register on Monday and will enter into force on Tuesday once published, refers to “limited exceptions” but does not specify which ones. It is therefore expected to affect the vast majority of the thousands of Central American migrants who since last October have marched to the United States on a perilous regional journey that has ended on Mexico’s northern border, CNN reports. Mexico and the United States have reached an agreement whereby the Ibero-American country has agreed to house asylum seekers on its territory until its processes are resolved in the northern neighbor, which in return has cancelled the threat of tariff on imports Mexican. Donald Trump himself revealed in June that the United States negotiated a similar agreement with Guatemala to be declared a ‘safe third country’. Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales, who was scheduled to meet the US president this week, has canceled the trip pending the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the feasibility of the agreement.

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