translated from Spanish: Buenos Aires National students repudiated two Falklands veterans

A talk by two former Air Force officers who participated in the Falklands War, in the magna classroom of the Buenos Aires National College, was unfinished a few days ago after a cross between the speakers and students and parents who heard their story. After the military parade for Independence Day, the school authorities invited Luis «Tucu» Cervera and Héctor «Pipi» Sánchez, pilots of the 5th Air Brigade of Villa Reynolds, San Luis, to tell their experience in the 1982 war. «The act began with a video of approximately twenty minutes in which you could observe photos and videos about planes and elements of war, war conflicts, dead soldiers and biblical poems, all with epic background music,» the Student Center in a statement.
«One of our colleagues asked about the 18-year-oldboys who went to Falklands without any training or weaponry and about the 30,000 denoyus companions, to which they replied that they were only going to talk about the Air Force because of the rest they did not they knew what had happened,» they continued. 
«Another comment that shocked us was that they defended the homeland with any government. It is no coincidence that nowhere in the talk was it mentioned by the speakers that there was a military dictatorship.»

According to the students, at one point in the talk, «a father stood up from the bottom and disbelieved both the speakers and the authorities saying that it seemed a shame that children of a high school were given a talk of military strategies without even menc act by the dictatorship at the time.» It was there that the vice-chancellor of the late shift ended the talk. «It is one thing to defend the claim for territorial sovereignty over the Falkland Islands and another is to turn a deaf ear to a process that took the lives of thousands of people,» concludes the Student Center’s statement that also called for an explanation to the authorities . The version of one of the Falklands veterans
After the incident, Luis Cervera wrote a note explaining: «We always enjoy the opportunities that the different institutions give us to be able to tell our experiences, what the Armed Forces and their men did to integrate Falkland Islands to the national heritage.»
«We were ‘embedded’ or ‘declometed’ again. We were not defended by the authorities of the institution, nor was the tragic situation clarified,» says the veteran.

According to the pilot, «suddenly and without prior notice, one of the people in the auditorium interrupted the consideration of the exhibitors and the authorities of the College. This person (which I can by no means call sir) criticized the event that was taking place and in the face of his derogatory address to the FFAA of the Nation, the present students applauded effusively. A few lines below, Cervera expresses that «this last experience lived in the Buenos Aires National (considering the pro men who attended their cloisters or graduated from that institute) only lets me see how the educational institutions are ideologized public.» He adds: «If the offender during the talk was a parent, he should have awareness of the meaning of public. But I think that ‘person’, like those on the other side of the rift, forgot about a subject we had about young people: Democratic Education. But of course, it was other times… the ‘young revolutionary idealists’ who changed everything had not yet appeared.» He concludes: «Unfortunately today, they continue to use the minds of our young people to continue sowing hatred in our society. Sometimes I think it’s all lost… there are fewer and fewer forces left to continue to fight and lead by example.»

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