translated from Spanish: In Mendoza, Pichetto got into the campaign: «Macri is a leader»

On Monday, the representative Mauricio Macri and his running mate to renew the presidency for another four years, Miguel Angel Pichetto, arrived in Mendoza just under a month from the Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primaries (PASO). The vice-president’s candidate for «Together for Change,» Miguel Angel Pichetto, took the floor at the Angel Bustelo auditorium and defended the economic measures of Mauricio Macri whom he ratified. He said the current Head of State is a «leader who has recognition, is clearly identified in G20 meetings, valued and respected,» he said. He added: «He understood that integration with the world is essential to strengthening the economy,» referring to the Mercosur-European Union agreement and negotiations with the IMF.» Macri has invited me to participate in a proposal that means the new that feeds on the UCR, pro and Peronism because throughout Argentina, they want a republican and democratic peronism to end the authoritarianism of that sectarian vision expressed by La Cá mpora with that look linked to the past, to continue to see Argentina with the logic of the ’70s, which delays and comes to discuss visions that makes no sense in the world,» he said. Then the pre-candidate emphasized that the next election will be a momentous one because it will set the future of the next 30 years. «It is very important that citizens listen carefully to what the Front with All says, such as Axel Kiciloff, (pre-candidate for governor of Buenos Aires for the Front of All) who said that the agreement with Mercosur-European Union was a tragedy. I don’t know how you can stand in front of the producers of Buenos Aires and tell them that being able to resell their products in the world is a tragedy,» Pichetto said.

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