translated from Spanish: MG 6: 4-door sportsmanship

The house MG as few merges tradition and projection to the future. In the first part lies its prestigious British tradition, which has long-awaited cars for Chile and the world, with the seal of a manufacturer that remains firmly in English imagery. Going forward, the manufacturer, the giant company China SAIC Motors, a company that in the same vein as the new generations of firms of that country, explores the future from technology.
It is in this fusion of worlds that the modern Morris Garages was born, the name after the M and the G; which in his home country already offers internet-connected cars and proposals that explore people’s new relationship with their cars.
The son of these times is the MG 6, a sedan that comes from tradition in its conception and development, but that adds the Chinese industrial potential to propose a highly equipped, functional, practical and pleasant driving model, with very low prices for a car this size and performance.
Aesthetically, the MG 6 is a tax on the trend of sports sedans, a format that takes advantage of the structural dynamics of a four-door model, and that communicates this dynamism through very fluid lines, which designers like to call » muscle», very well proportioned recalls some Japanese models, but achieves some differentiation depending on its well-achieved wide and sporty center grill; and an almost coupe drop in the back. The set is attractive and elegant, without losing in some sporty emotionality.
Inside, emotion is also the protagonist, in the form of red details, air conditioning nozzles of sports design, as well as great quality in assemblies and materials, which speaks of how the English experience, was key in the evolution of the Chinese manufacturers by adding value to their models.
Comfortable armchairs in eco leather, with sporty approach, complement an experience that delivers a good feeling of quality, integrated to an agile walk, that expresses enough power in every requirement.
To do this it uses a 1.5 liter engine block, powered by turbocharger, in this way it can offer 166 horsepower, with a torque of 250 Nm, which explains the verve that it is able to show in acceleration. Thus, with a low displacement motor and low consumption, it can provide trouble-free strength to an entire medium-large sedan. In this, it also plays an important role, its sophisticated automatic seven-speed transmission with dual-clutch DCT, fast in operation, responds to the latest trends in gearboxes, and the MG 6 provides it in its most equipped variants.
Complete your proposal a good level of equipment, although not absolutely premium, if very complete, with design details such as hoop 18 wheels, and double exhausts; an active assistance team, with control of traction, stability and braking, among other gadgets, that make the driving of the MG 6, a must-see of the new generation of cars manufactured in China, with care for details, aesthetics and sensations driving. All, with a price that determines a very convenient value/equipment/quality equation. The most equipped variant is at $12,490,000.

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