translated from Spanish: Nicolás Del Caño also passed through Mendoza

This Tuesday, the pre-candidate for president for the Left Front, Nicolás del Caño, arrived Mendoza and made a rally by different media in short of the PASO 2019.First, Del Caño asked the Mendozas to support their political strength and also opined so the priorities that his government would have. «We are the only political force that says today the priority cannot be to pay the IMF. Wages need to be recovered and retirements increased urgently. It is unacceptable that the speculative economic groups and the companies that have killed us at rates are met,» he said. He then said they will work to recover the points that the Left Front lost in the last election, compared to other elections. Del Caño also visited «La Terre», a factory recovered by its workers in Guaymallén accompanied by the candidate for Gobernadora, Noelia Barbeito and by the provincial senator, Lautaro Giménez.From the cooperative, Del Caño denounced that «in Mendoza la unemployment doubled in the last year, which is why it is so important to defend the workers of La Terre.» In this note:

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