translated from Spanish: One person died and another 11 were poisoned with carbon monoxide

One person died and eleven others had to be hospitalized after being poisoned with carbon monoxide in a building in the city centre of Neuquén.The episode occurred this morning, when police and integrated neuquén emergency system (SIEN) personnel were they approached a building located in Matheu at 50 after a third-floor family called «that was broken down by an alleged gas leak.» After attending the family and not finding the gas leak they withdrew from the building, however, minutes later they received calls from other neighbors with symptoms of poisoning. When police arrived at the scene, they encountered «a middle-aged man on the ground floor and a mascot by his side, also deceased,» confirmed SIEN chief Luciana Ortiz Luna.» We also have 11 patients intoxicated with carbon monoxide with different symptoms, some with signs of concern because they manifest alterations at the cardiovascular level, beyond the headache, which is the usual sign,» he said.
Ortiz Luna reported that after assisting oxygen patients, «they were referred to the Pasteur Clinic, the Cmic, the Neuquén Polyclinic and the Castro Rendón Hospital», where they will be monitored «once they are discharged, for possible subacute or chronically.» The head of SIEN clarified that «none of the 11 patients are life-threatening», but that they should be «given «a blood assessment of carboxyhemoglobin, because of the high level of monoxide in the environment.» Carbon monoxide is a killer that we have inside our homes and cannot be perceived, as it has no odor and does not irritate the mucous membranes. In the face of any symptoms presented by the person, such as headache, nausea, vomiting or chest pain, you have to leave the place, ventilate everything and think that it may be monoxide», advised Ortiz Luna.
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