translated from Spanish: Two Argentinian mountaineers killed at a summit in Peru

Argentines were climbing at the summit of Caraz, 6025 meters high in the Andes of Peru. On Monday, local police reported that they managed to recover their bodies. Ian Schwer and Juan Pablo Cano were two Argentinians who were climbing in Peru. They tried to climb a wall of ice from the snow-capped Cordillera Blanca, in the Region of Chash. According to the police side, his death occurred «when they tried to climb the ice wall of the snow and gave way to one of their anchors, so they fell into the void.»
«We were able to rescue the bodies of the two mountaineers who died while trying to climb the snowy Caraz,» Major Gilmer Torres, a member of the Huaraz City High Mountain Police, told AFP. On Sunday, the bodies were transferred to the morgue in that city, head of the region located 400 kilometers north of Lima. According to the president of the House of High Mountain Guides, Rafael Figueroa, Argentines were reported missing on Friday, the day they were due to return from their expedition. Figueroa explained: «It’s a pretty technical mountain, it requires a lot of preparation to be able to climb it, not only because of the height but also because of the weather conditions.»
Ian’s dad used his Facebook account to fire his son: «So long dear son. You made your life a huge cult of friendship and companionship. We all honor your example. We’re going to miss you forever. From new peaks aloft still in the hearts of all. May new worlds of light shelter you.»

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