translated from Spanish: Bullrich: «Gendarmerie is a more valued institution than public education»

On Wednesday, July 17, Nation Security Minister Patricia Bullrich again defended the Voluntary Civic Services on Securities announced the day before with a phrase that generated controversy.» Gendarmerie is the most valued institution in our country, the number one, far more valued than any other, than public education, let alone the Church, let alone politics,» she said in dialogue with Radio Metro.

Following that line of comparison, Bullrich added that both Gendarmerie and «any security force has schools, university and the ability to run workshops», as well as «a very important educational deployment that gives a containment and idea of responsibility and discipline.»

Patricia Bullrich defends the Voluntary Civic Service

According to their statements to the broadcaster, the enrollees will learn to «handle drones, have contacts with animals, greet the flag once a day and sing a homeland song» and also «RCP, first aid and leadership». After the announcement and always according to the minister’s sayings, «the phones of the ministry burst with consultations». In this note:

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