translated from Spanish: Lost in TC: Constitutional Court rejects the suspended Minister Elgueta’s request

The Second Chamber of the Constitutional Court rejected the request of inapplicability brought by the suspended minister of the Court of Appeals of Rancagua, Emilio Elgueta, who sought to challenge this route the removal process opened by the Supreme Court against him.
The body took the decision unanimously after hearing the allegations made during this day. In the letter entered at the end of last week to the TC, the suspended judge linked to the «Rancagua Disaster» questions the «lack of constitutional legitimacy of the Excellency Supreme Court to issue ‘Acts’ and through it, sanctioning sentences».
However, the Chamber considered that the action did not satisfy the requirement to mention precisely how the agreed order at issue would affect the appellant’s fundamental rights, as reported by Radio Cooperative.
Elgueta, along with the judge of the Court of Appeals of Rancagua Marcelo Vásquez, was sanctioned by the Plenary of the Supreme Court for trafficking in influence and infeit to probity. The highest court also decided to open a removal notebook against him, and that the TC already refused to stop last week.
It should be remembered that as Emilio Elgueta did, Minister Vásquez also opted for the strategy of resorting to the Constitutional Court to prevent his removal from the judiciary.

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