translated from Spanish: Osvaldo González after arriving in Chile: «I am happy to return to the U, I hope to live up to the occasion»

The national defense Osvaldo González arrived in the last hours in the country to realize his return to the University of Chile, a painting to which he arrives «motivated» and in which he hopes to be a real contribution.
At the air terminal, the company of Concepción told Cooperativa that «I am very happy to return, I hope to be well and at the height of what the team needs, I am happy. I arrive well, I played a lot of matches in Toluca, I am motivated and eagerly».
«It’s something I’ve always dreamed of and now I’m living it, I want to enjoy it to the fullest and I hope to contribute to the team,» the player who comes from defending Toluca FC.
The 34-year-old central will live his third term with the shirt of the collegiate cast, a draw with which he has won four First Division tournaments (Opening 2009, Clausura 2011, Apertura 2012 and Apertura 2014), two Copa Chile (2012-2013 and 2015), the 2015 Chilean Super Cup and the C 2011 South American opa.
«I had asked to come back earlier and could not give the opportunity, I touched now and I will enjoy it to the fullest, I want to support it,» he said.
«I have faith that everything will be fine, convinced that we are going to get things right and we’re going to get the team where it deserves it,» he added.
Finally, the trainates at Universidad de Concepción claimed to have seen the blue triumph 1-0 over Deportes Temuco, in the ‘Germán Becker’, for the first leg of the eighth round of the 2019 Chile Cup.
«The first half I saw them very well, in the second it decayed a little bit but it is normal because of the way the team is. I have faith that everything will be all right,» he said.

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