translated from Spanish: The acid comment from Rial to Nacho Viale after the declaration request

Before starting the program, Jorge Rial usually said a few words, as an editorial. Many of them have to do with events that happen in the country, situations that involve it and more. On this occasion, Nacho Viale, producer of the show run by his grandmother Mirtha Legrand on Saturdays and Sundays, was not deprived of the screen of El Thirteen, after the request of the deputies Leopoldo Moreau (Citizen Union) and Rodolfo Tailhade ( Front for Victory) for both to come to justice and thus testify of the cause investigating the death of Natacha Jaitt.

«There are nervous people. Nachito, don’t cry anymore. You fucked up and now you have to put the jet. Nothing more than that, for a friend of mine, Nachito, a buche of services,» Said Rial without specifying the last name of the person in question. The subpoena request to testify corresponds to last year’s April program, in which Natacha Jaitt was present at Mirtha’s table. There he appointed well-known figures and celebrities he related to the network of abuses and pedophilia.

Let us remember that on this occasion, Rial maintained that Jaitt’s invitation – made by Nacho Viale – to the program was an «operation for the intelligence services». For his part, Mirtha Legrand disassociated himself from Jaitt’s statements and argued that he had no good time on that occasion. According to Jaitt, some of the personalities related to the network of paedophilia and abuses are: the journalist Carlos Pagni, the former porteño legislator, Gustavo Vera, the former spy, Ana Polera, Mercedes Ninci, among others.

Nacho Viale’s tweet to Jorge Rial in the midst of a crisis with his daughter

For its part, the rivalry Viale-Rial, Rial-Viale also goes back to another episode. At the height of the crisis between Morena and her father, the producer ironized the situation. «Life is a circle», after the networks talked about the conflict in the Rial clan.

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