translated from Spanish: The story of a 4-year-old boy who believes it to be the reincarnation of Lady Di

Billy is 4 years old, the son of Australian TELEVISION host David Campbell and believes he is the reincarnation of Princess Diana of Wales, who died in Paris in 1997. The little one remembers some amazing details. TV presenter David Campbell told his Stellar magazine column that one of his three sons began giving data on British royalty around age 2, which surprised the family as it was not a topic of interest to them so he had never n spoken.
One day, when she was 2 years old, she pointed to a picture of Lady Di and said, «It’s me when I was a princess.» On another occasion he said he had a brother named John, which coincides with John Spender, the princess’s brother who died before she was born. At age 3, the little boy referred to «his two boys» and when asked he said he meant his two children. Let us remember that Lady Di had William and Harry with Prince Charles.
He described Balmoral Castle, one of the royal residences in Scotland. «He once told a Scottish friend that, when he was Princess Diana, he used to go to a castle called Balmoral and he had unicorns,» Campbell said, adding, «The unicorn is Scotland’s national animal and there are many on the walls, how could he know that?» What struck most was when he referenced Lady Di’s death: «One day the sirens came and I was no longer a princess,» Billy said.

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