translated from Spanish: AMIA: What are the keys to the 25-year investigation of the attack

The search for the alleged coordinator of the operational group that executed the attack, the progress in the work on the declassified files and the identification of all those involved in the attack are the main elements in which the Tax Unit works Investigation (UFI) of the attack on AMIA, 25 years after the terrorist attack. This was revealed by the owner of the Tax Unit, Sebastián Basso, in reviewing the current state of the investigation into the attack, carried out on 18 July 1994 at 9.53.
«The investigation is in full swing,» the prosecutor said, and then stressed that for the passage of time what is sought is «some data that allows us to move forward in some line of inquiry; some subtlety.»

Basso, appointed to the head of the UFI AMIA since the beginning of the year, ratified to the agency Télam the lines of inquiry drawn up by the late prosecutor Alberto Nisman, weighed the work of his predecessors in office and held that the prosecution is certain that the attack was perpetrated by Hezbollah’s armed arm and that a car bomb (a Tráfic van) loaded with between 300 and 400 kilos of explosive, obtained on Argentine soil or the retellors.
«There is a group of terrorists who came to do the attack, many of whom are not yet identified,» Basso said, recalled that there are at least 6 Iranian citizens and one Lebanese with an international capture request.

The prosecutor’s office exclusively responsible for the investigation of the AMIA bombing (and related causes) expects news on the whereabouts of the Lebanese citizen, Salman Salman, who until 2016 had been wrongly sought after Samuel Salman El Reda. «We consider that it is the one that coordinated the attack, it was in Buenos Aires for those days in the places identified by the investigation,» UFI amia chief said of the Lebanese citizen, who in 1994 used false documentation of the Republic of Colombia with the apocryphal identity with which he was sought for years.

Last year, federal Judge Rodolfo Canicoba Corral delivered salman Salaman’s arrest warrant, already under the real name, so at UFI AMIA they expect his whereabouts to be identified and stopped; the suspicion is that he is in Lebanon.Basso further pointed out that the prosecution is still working on identifying other people who may have participated in the attack and argued that by general mechanics of such attacks, the attackers would have been organized into three groups: logistics, operations and cleaning. On the declassification of intelligence documentation achieved under the governments of former presidents Néstor and Cristina Kirchner and current representative Mauricio Macri, prosecutor Basso argued that it is being analyzed by experts and that «some» is being sought there evidence to support different hypotheses.»
«There is a lot of documentation that comes from the SIDE that is being analyzed by experts. What there are are all the work papers that the Secretary of Intelligence had. You are seeing if any evidence emerges from these papers to support different hypotheses.»

The main unknown to be revealed on these documents is why they had not been put in a timely manner at the disposal of the Tax Unit in charge of the investigation of the attack. In this note:

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