translated from Spanish: Citizen Movement partners with citizens, says Manuel Antúnez

Morelia, Michoacán.- Political parties must be at the service of citizens, remarked Luis Manuel Antúnez Oviedo, National Delegate of Citizen Movement in Michoacán, this by continuing the courses offered through «Summer of Training» that is offered by the Training Center for Work (CECAP) at the facilities of the Citizen’s House, as reported in a statement.
In this context, Antúnez Oviedo was amused to say that Movimiento Ciudadano is more of a movement than a political party, where the central objective is to serve the citizens and their causes.
In this way he emphasized that at Movimiento Ciudadano Michoacán «we know the importance of helping us among citizens, making alliances to have better results and mainly building a better future».
Proof of this, he said, is the success achieved with the «Training Summer», which has been carried out during this month in the premises of the Citizen House.
This effort is together, he explained, is to address the call of the citizens, who as well as the teachers of CECAP, who faced infrastructure and support difficulties, asked to team up to launch their purpose to undertake a series of Training.
CECAP is a centre that promotes a series of productive orientation trainings for the benefit of citizens and that found the support of Movement Citizen to accompany these days.
Antúnez Oviedo said that from the joint work and coordinating effort among the citizens, good results are given, as was recorded with these trainings, which provide, he explained, «a great opportunity for the development of various skills» that allow a variety of trades to be undertaken.
Likewise, the National Delegate of Movement Citizen Michoacán, Manuel Antúnez Oviedo, mentioned that «the citizen project in Michoacán will be on the side of the citizens or not will be», and that this movement will be given neighborhood by neighborhood and with a citizen house at the service of all.
«Always with the firm conviction to know and integrate citizens with their concerns and ideas to bring and achieve work tools that change the course of their lives,» he concluded.

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