translated from Spanish: Several arson deaths at Japan studios

Tokyo.- An undetermined number of people were killed today and dozens injured by arson at animation studios in the Japanese city of Kyoto, public television network NHK reported. According to the same source, an unidentified person dumped a gasoline-like liquid at Kyoto Animation premises for unspecified reasons.

The alleged culprit, aged in his 40s, was arrested by the police. HELP US Click the Google News star and follow usNHK spread images showing the flames coming out of one of the windows and smoke for others, as firefighters try to fight the fire in the three-story building. In principle, the television network reported thirty injuries, ten of them serious, but subsequently claimed that there were several dead, although without specifying the figure. The same chain noted that one of the building’s neighbors reported hearing a loud bang-like noise, before the fire broke out. The firm, with about 160 employees, was created in 1981 and produces film movies and anime programs for television. Among his productions is the series «K-ON!!» and «La melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya».

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