translated from Spanish: A man dies when attacked by Africanized bees, in Los Reyes, Michoacán

Los Reyes, Michoacán.- This Thursday a sexagenarian was located in a ditch in the community of Los Limones, belonging to this municipality of Los Reyes, which died as a result of the attack of a swarm of bees, the authorities pointed out.
The now extinct was called Enrique P., 66 years old, originally and neighbor of Los Limones, with address on Avenida Emiliano Zapata.
On the facts, transcended among the neighbors of the place, that the financier left his home since last Wednesday afternoon and that he was doing zacate cutting work in the ditch that passes by the path that goes from the population in mention to the sandbank and that n or returned home.
It was also known that Enrique did not listen and that for this reason he did not realize that when making the cutting of pasture he rammed a wasp, being attacked by a hundred bees, whose pickets caused his death, remaining inside the irrigation channel.
It was until this Thursday, when his relatives and neighbors went on his quest, that they found him lifeless, so they reported the fact to the authorities, arriving at the site police and staff of the state prosecutor’s office to carry out the courtofee.

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