translated from Spanish: Foreigners attempt to rob Angelica Rivera’s house; stop two

Two armed men, one Colombian and one Venezuelan, were arrested after entering and attempting to rob the home of actress Angélica Rivera, ex-wife of former President Enrique Peña Nieto.
The foreigners entered the «White House», located in Paseo de las Palmas, where they were faced by escorts guarding the residence.
The 27-year-old Colombian was injured with a bullet in the leg, and his companion, a 35-year-old Venezuelan, was injured by beatings, a fracture in the zygomemoth and in his right leg, so they were interned in the Polanco Red Cross.
According to the Ministry of Citizen Security, around 22:40 hours on Thursday, security items were taking their journey when they were alerted to a burglary in process to a room home.
Upon arriving at the scene, a 40-year-old man identified with the uniforms as the actress’ home security personnel and handed them over to the two men.
Prior to his transfer for medical care to the detainees, a black backpack was found among his belongings, which contained tools: two long disassemblers of the Urrea brand, a Truper brand shear, a short truper truss edtrusion Truper branded, a Pretul brand flat disassembler, a Surtek goat leg type barrier, two pressure clamps brands Milwaukee and Pretul, a short cross tip disassembler husky brand.
In addition, a pair of black NB gloves, two baseball-style caps, one navy-style cougar-branded and one black, two cell phones and various jewelry were seized.
A security guard of the house was also taken into custody, along with his cargo weapon, a pistol of the brand Zig Zawer, black, 380 mm caliber, with a magazine and five useful cartridges of the brand Eagle, caliber .380 mm.
From the facts, the investigation folder was initiated for the crime of robbery home room with violence. The property was taken into the custody of police officers in this unit.
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