translated from Spanish: The assailant of the councillor in Mendoza was arrested

The militant of Cambia Mendoza and municipal employee of Godoy Cruz who attacked to stones and kicka a vehicle of the candidate for councilor of the Front I chose Gabriela Malinar was delivered this Friday afternoon in the Tax Office 4 of that department and was charged by ame you co-active in real contest with damage. 

The assailant increshed the candidates, loudly demanded that they leave and mentioned La Cámpora, as he kicked and threw stones at the Ford Ka of Malinar, which was parked on the side of the street, according to the video of the attack that spread. There the victims are seen asking the aggressor to calm down, but the man continues his attack and even threatens to go and find a firearm. 

We are going to call on all political parties to put together a document against these facts and to think of a policy without violence. The debate of ideas should be something everyday and not an obstacle to making Mendoza a better place to live. — Anabel Fernández Sagasti (@afernandezk)
July 19, 2019

The attacker was identified as Rodrigo Aznares, a UCR militant working in Godoy Cruz’s Hygiene sector and surrendered after heavy media pressure and mendocine leadership. The mayor of Godoy Cruz, Tadeo García Zalazar, was one of the first to repudiate the fact and, after standing in solidarity with the candidate for a councillor, said: “These aggressions carried out by a member of our party do not represent the way of doing politics that we intend for Godoy Cruz.”

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