translated from Spanish: The tension that Lavín installed on the right with his announcement that he will go for re-election in Las Condes

The announcement by The Mayor of Countess Joaquín Lavín that he will go for re-election in the next municipal stir on the right. From Evópoli they came out to criticize the statement of who is considered in all polls as the strongest presidential letter in the sector, while the UDI closed ranks around him, in a clear sign of caring for his leadership.
The president of Evópoli, Hernán Larraín Matte assured that the mayor should not use Las Condes as a “trampoline” for The Currency. “Any candidate, whether Joaquín Lavín or otherwise, should take on that challenge directly, and clear the race for exile,” he told La Segunda. According to Larraín Matte, if the commune elects him mayor, it is for the end of his term in 4 more years and not for him to leave the office and embark on a presidential adventure.
“That must be transparent to the public. Citizenship is not naive, and before the parties will be the one to ask the question about their future to Lavín about the objectives behind their candidacy to the municipality,” he said.
At UDI, they immediately went out to take care of their best presidential and industry exponent. Hence the statement by party president Jacqueline van Rysselberghe that he would “call on critics to respect Joaquin’s freedom to do as he sees fit.”
For the senator, Evópoli’s statements have an obvious electoral background. “I imagine Evópoli will want to take Felipe Kast as a presidential candidate and it would be like asking him to resign from the Senate because he has aspirations,” he said.
Overflows, the pragmatist
But the statement that most caught the eye on The National Renewal, a party that has several presidential letters (such as Manuel José Ossandón, Francisco Chahuán and Andrés Allamand). In addition, RN also has a competitor for the mayoralty of Las Condes, Carlos Larraín.
The premise of President RN, Mario Desbordes, is that industry leaders “must be taken care of, not to make them olite or have to be troubled.” That is why, in the case of Lavín, “putting demands seems ridiculous to me, what matters is that Chile Vamos wins the next presidential election”.
“If I have a good presidential figure in Chile Come on, whether you’re a fit mayor or not, I’m going to support you. I’m not going to put cutters on anyone, because the thing to do is to empower all the figures in Chile Vamos,” he said.
Anyway, he commented that primary school goes yes or yes in officialism. “If Lavín comes out as mayor and then turns out to be a good presidential figure, welcome to the primary (…) RN has the peace of mind that we have very good candidates and that we can win the primary,” he said.
The JAK factor
In this equation we must also consider the factor of José Antonio Kast, the leader of the Republican Party.
The former deputy is critical of Lavín and last May he was in charge of the mayor noting that “some want to occupy the municipal election as a springboard to be a presidential candidate”. “All I’m asking is for Joaquin Lavín to say whether he’ll be running for mayor or the presidency,” he said at the time.
Now, once Lavín clears in his immediate future by the mayoralty, Kast has made no comments on Twitter. But he did take the opportunity to place it to have a face to face: in a message addressed to Welcome, the morning of Canal 13 where the building goes every Wednesday, the former parliamentarian noted that “Next Wednesday I have no agenda problems and I will be happy to discuss with Joaquín Lavín about the subject they want. You can add Francisco Vidal to make him a bar.”

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