translated from Spanish: There are more than 60 houses alone in the Ciénega de Casal

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- It is difficult to get ahead in the Ciénega de Casal community because there is no employment and is being left alone, lamented Commissioner José Carlos Higuera Castro, who took the opportunity to make a call to be supported because he has been in abandonment and without being harnessed the tourist potential. The clearest example that the community is staying alone are the dozens of abandoned houses. «I think it’s about 60 or 70 houses alone. Besides there are many adult couples alone, the children leave, I am eight and only one stayed,» the commissioner said. People leave because there is no work here and those who are engaged in agriculture sometimes don’t lift anything, it’s hard.

It is estimated that 300 inhabitants live in the community, of an average of 130 families. Photo: Matías Rodríguez

The inhabitants consulted agreed that the advantages of enhancing tourism have been wasted, but that they are hopeful that the Ciénega will improve. «We need to get more involved and participate,» said neighbor José Agramón. In talks with the municipal president, the Commissioner agreed to hold a meeting for people to say what to do to boost tourism. «We agreed to set a date to see when it was coming, and so, among all, you can make a decision that suits better,» the commissioner said. 

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