translated from Spanish: Pepo was remanded in custody after his accident

The singer El Pepo was arrested in Dolores after having participated in an accident in that city where two people who were traveling with him died. The move was taken by prosecutor Veronica Raggio, who dictated the musician’s pre-trial detention. The accident occurred at 2.15, at kilometer 8,500 of route 63 linking Highway 2, in the city of Dolores, with provincial route 11, in the Corner of Crotto, when the popular musician, who was driving the vehicle, “wanted to dodge something that crossed him” and the van Honda crV white was stoked on the bench and overturned. As a result of the accident, the singer suffered polytrauma and had to be transferred to the Hospital San Roque de Dolores, where he is in place out of danger. The two deceased persons were identified as Ignacio Abosalhee, 29, manager of the band, and Nicolás Carabajal, a historical trumpeter who has been accompanying the musician for years. Meanwhile, a woman identified as Romina Candias, the 28-year-old chorus girl from the band “El Pepo and the Gedienta Superband”, was injured and would have suffered a fracture, so she was transferred to the same care center. On the social network Instagram, El Pepo uploaded at 0.30 a video in which he sends greetings to his friends for that day, and it is clear that he was driving the van shortly before the accident that occurred in the middle of a dense haze in the area.

Also known on social media was another video uploaded by a person – whose identity is unknown – who searched with his cell phone to the singer standing next to the ambulance in which the chorus girl Candias was transferred. The images show the musician when he asks the doctor for a cigarette, who after telling him to “calm down,” asks, “What did you hit?” “No, nothing, if I was driving Nacho (by Abosaleh), asshole. I was driving the little guy who’s dead there,” the singer replies somewhat disoriented. Then El Pepo comes out of the picture and when he returns again to the ambulance, he asks, “Romi, are you okay?” and the woman replies “I’m fine, I’m fine. My head hurts a lot,” after which the video is cut off. El Pepo and the three companions went from Buenos Aires to the Atlantic coast, where they planned to perform this morning on the album San Bernardo Chico (San Bernardo) and in Crazy Disco Bar (Villa Gesell). The case, which was labelled “double culpable homicide,” is investigated by police officers from Dolores and the Functional Investigation Unit (UFI) 1 of that Judicial Department. 

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