translated from Spanish: [VIRAL] Wave of social media reviews against chef Chris Carpentier after interview in Saturday magazine

In the issue corresponding to this day of the magazine Saturday was published an interview that has given that talk on the national networks, and is that the chosen this time by the journalist Arturo Galarce to fill the central pages of the pub It was the famous judge of the cooking program “MasterChef”, Christopher Carpentier, who made a series of controversial statements. The chef, for example, indicated that the people with the most resources in Chile, he says, are discriminated against by poor people, or middle-class people. In that line he noted that “Today there is a classism that comes from the bottom up.” In that sense, he also noted that “Today a chef who is doing well can win three sticks (…) my children would have to go to a semi-private school. I’d have to live somewhere else. Eating the good carver, leasing,” which did not go well on social media, seeing it by many netizens as a denotation of the reality of millions of Chileans. Other elements that have given that talking are the confession about his childhood in a dina barracks, just as at 22 his father financed him a luxury restaurant, in addition to an expensive sports car. Here we share some of the reactions to the interview:

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