translated from Spanish: Melissa Galindo talks about her alleged wedding to Yolanda Andrade

Mexico.- Singer Melissa Galindo clarified the rumors of the alleged marriage to the driver Yolanda Andrade, who recently decided to leave the closet and revealed that she was married to a very famous woman, without saying her name. Following this statement, it has been speculated that Melissa Galindo is the woman with whom the Sinaloense married in Amsterdam, Germany, as they were allegedly a couple in 2016.

In the first-hand show, the singer was questioned about whether or not she was married to the host of “Montse & Joe”, and also clarified the meaning of a tattooed ring on her left hand ring finger. HELP US Click the Google News star and follow us
I’ve never been married, I’ll make it clear. This (ring) is mine, it’s my own, it’s commitment to myself, it’s self-love,” Galindo said.

During the interview, the famous singer said she has never been close to getting married, as she has so far received no proposals.” I’ve never been close, I’ve never been proposed. Nothing, nothing, nothing,” he said.
Although Melissa refused to talk about it further, she stated that she does believe in love and hopes one day to start a family. “I do have the dream of getting married, of having a family, ” he said. It should be remembered that Yolanda Andrade recently confessed that she married symbolically a few years ago, but so far she has not wanted to reveal the identity of the famous woman with which she had that relationship, because she said, she is not authorized to make it public.
Social media users began to point to first actress Veronica Castro as “the famous woman” whom Yolanda married. However, in a recent media encounter, the driver said:
It’s just that it’s a roll, they’re suddenly very lost about who my wife was, at the time I said she’s a very successful woman, she’s a very successful woman in every way and I’m not authorized, I don’t know, we haven’t talked well because, she’s a mom.”

“Don’t be surprised, well you’re going to be more surprised when you find out who. No, no, I can’t say, he hasn’t authorized me yet,” he added. Similarly, it began to speculate that it was possibly Melissa Galindo with whom she was married, however, she argued that she has never been married.

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