translated from Spanish: Two babies are left in the same house on different days in Florida

Florida.- A newborn baby was discovered wrapped in a T-shirt and lying at the door of an apartment in Orlando, Florida, the second time they left a baby on site in the last two years. The one-day-old baby was found Saturday morning at Willow Key Apartments when a resident of the building heard the crying and called 911, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

«I was surprised, because, you know, something happened right on my doorstep,» said Clive Petgrave, who woke up to the sound of police calling the paper. The man had no idea where the baby was coming from and the newborn was transferred to a local hospital where he is believed to be in good health.


A similar incident took place in 2017, when they dropped a girl in the same complex along with a note asking anyone who found her to take her to a fire station under Florida’s Safe Haven Act, according to Sentinel.» This is crazy,» Kimberley Williams, who lives in the apartment complex, told the Kimberley Williams newspaper. «This is really crazy, why do you keep leaving these babies like this? Under the Safe Haven Social Security Act, a baby up to a week old can be taken to a hospital or fire station without the guardian committing to criminal charges.


The boy’s mother was not located on Sunday and police alerted the Florida Department of Children and Families. Police don’t know if Saturday’s incident is related to the 2017 baby.Condemn a father who killed their baby to nearly 24 years in prison
Before the pregnancy the father punched the mother in the mouth, broke her phones so she wouldn’t communicate and came to hit her, the man killed her 45-day-old son and will spend nearly 24 years in jail. The defendant was in a relationship with the baby’s mother from 2014 to June 2016, their son was born on May 10 of the couple’s last year together. It was 1:30 p.m. on June 24, 2016 when Hichman B. hit the baby to the ground twice after laying it to his mother’s arms, the ninó had severe head trauma with massive bleeding because his head hit the ground var sometimes in her father’s hands, the baby passed away immediately.


The jury never believed that the man had any kind of dissociative state that would nullify his ability to understand the scope of his actions, nor that he had any traumatic episodes that affected his mental state.

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