translated from Spanish: Jadue becomes the discord factor: opposition describes Venezuela’s criticism of Bachelet as “delusions”

On Sunday, Recoleta Mayor Daniel Jadue became trending on Twitter. The reason this time was not to congratulate him on a new “popular” initiative, but quite the opposite. The building was filled with criticism following an interview criticizing the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, on the crisis in Venezuela.
In the interview with the newspaper La Tercera, Jadue (PC) questioned the veracity and objectivity of what was reported by the former president. “She didn’t say anything about the coup attempts she supported,” she said, something the building described as “unacceptable.” “Bachelet has been part of three governments that have been contrary to the Bolivarian process. When he was minister and a coup d’état was carried out against President (Hugo) Chávez in 2002, the Chilean government not only never condened him, but recognized the coupist as a legitimate government. From that point of view the report already loses a little objectivity,” Jadue went down.
Moreover, “in both their first and second governments, President Bachelet’s chancellors threatened democracy and the Venezuelan process. Nothing different could be expected of a report by former President Bachelet,” argued the communal chief.
Wave of reactions
The statements of the mayor of the Communist Party left no other opposition members indifferent, who came out to back on Bachelet’s doing.
On Sunday, PPD president Heraldo Muñoz responded to Jadue. Bachelet’s time-chancellor stated that “the attack on High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet is so virulent that I think it is only surpassable by the attacks that Nicolas Maduro has uttered. That means we are with Michelle Bachelet and, unfortunately, Jadue and the Communist Party are with Maduro, that’s the reality.”
He wasn’t the only one in the opposition who criticized Jadue. PS President Alvaro Elizalde said that “Michelle Bachelet is doing a great job as High Commissioner of the United Nations, which proves her unrestricted commitment to human rights.” While the socialist mp, Leonardo Soto, recalled that the former staff was a victim of the Chilean dictatorship, and stressed that his “democratic credentials are unimpeachable.”
Meanwhile, and more squeamyly, DC helmsman Fuad Chahin said “Jadue’s statements are delusions.”
The pr’s president, Carlos Maldonado, on the other hand, celebrated that Jadue has shown “his true ideological face, his sympathy for the Maduro regime. In your interview, we read to a dogmatic communist.”
Deputy Pepe Auth also commented. Through his Twitter account he criticized that “Jadue and the PC burn the ships in Defense of Maduro. Blindness, porphyse or dependence, so strong that they justify artestial aggression to Bachelet?”
From the Broad Front they also joined the criticism of Jadue. Mp Vlado Mirosevic assured, through his Twitter account, that the statements were “untempered and unfair to Bachelet. It is unacceptable for Mayor Daniel Jadue to try to hit the former president. It’s not fair.”
Similar opinion of the Parliament of the Democratic Revolution, Pablo Vidal, said: “I am surprised and disappointed that one of the main leaderships of the Chilean left will relatise the gravity of Maduro’s atrocities, in addition, by attacking Bachelet.”
Then, in statements collected by the newspaper La Tercera, he added that “it is disconcerting that Mayor Jadue falls into the same logic of the right, of attacking former President Bachelet, in this case, to divert attention from the serious atrocities of the regime of Mature.”
HRW’s review
Human Rights Watch also questioned the Communist mayor’s sayings. According to the director of HRW’s Division of the Americas, José Miguel Vivanco stated that “to bother and protest the report of the former President seems to me to be in the same vein as the basic principles that guide that party and is to put ideology above any you’re something else.”
Vivanco added that “how to surprise us at the attitude of a party like the PC, which celebrates the worst dictatorship on the planet as is North Korea. They send flowers and claim a regime that is likely to be the most repressive in contemporary recent history.”
“Ideology to them, and ideological loyalty, leads them to justify everything, including atrocities, massive violations of HRDs. It’s a party that obviously its leaders don’t believe in HRDs, why we’re telling stories,” he concluded.

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