translated from Spanish: More than 60% of teachers are inclined to depose teaching unemployment after 50 days of mobilization

After 7:30 p.m., the president of the College of Teachers, Mario Aguilar, offered a first count of the national consultation that took place on Monday, in which more than 60% of teachers opted to depo unemployment, after 50 days of mobilization. 
The results delivered by the Magisterium account for 17,184 valid votes, representing 45.95 percent. Of these, 11,114 (64.68%), opted for option 1: «To deport unemployment and send to the national board, to develop an action and mobilization plan, which allows satisfactory achievements to our request».
Meanwhile, 6,070 (35.32%) he preferred option 2: «Remain unemployed and if I am not, I commit to joining him. This means not attending my workplace and participating in all the activities of indefinite unemployment.»
It was on June 3, when the teachers’ unemployment began, a protest measure to require the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) to respond satisfactorily to the Magisterium’s request, which includes, among other points, historical debt and recognition of the mention for differential educators. 
Speaking to journalists, Mario Aguilar asked for caution in taking the results, noting that this is a first scrutiny and the final results are missing.
In any case, he highlighted the «enthusiasm» and «commitment» of teachers to the movement, taking part in the vote despite being on vacation.
He also highlighted the «participatory democracy» with which decisions are made within the guild.  «Our decisions are together, it is not resolved among the few, they are not resolved in a kitchen.»
The outstanding issues and the settled
The decision to lower the unemployment means that the teachers instruct the leadership to continue with the ministry the discussion of the outstanding issues of the petition. The main one is the payment of the mention of the educators of children and spreads, where the Government only offers a specialization bonus of $45 thousand quarterly, only to the differential educators.
Another point where there is divergence is around the curriculum reform that excludes from the obligatory branches to History and Physical Education in 3rd and 4th medium. In this respect, there is no response from Mineduc and the College of Teachers turned to the Comptroller’s To try to reverse the measure.
A final issue that causes discord is the payment of the so-called «historical debt.» The Government has only been accessing the formation of a working table since August, where parliamentarians and the Budget Directorate will be included without further commitments.
Meanwhile, the negotiating rounds with Mineduc have yielded some progress such as the ministry’s commitment to standardizing the payment of the retirement incentive bonus, which benefits retirement-age teachers; ownership is also granted for extension hours in classroom, directives and technical pedagogical functions. It benefits 50 thousand teachers on the contract.
In addition, it was agreed that the College of Teachers will join as an observer of the process of correcting the evaluations of the teaching career, the double teacher evaluation is eliminated and the project that sanctions aggression to teachers and officials was put education.

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