translated from Spanish: “The Devil’s Doll”: Chucky returns to the cinema with a technological twist

The central argument is the same: Karen Barclay gives her son Andy a doll that comes to life, calls herself “Chucky” and starts killing everything in her path. Even the title – Child’s Play – is the same. But the remake of the 1988 horror classic, which will arrive in Chile on Thursday as “The Devil Doll”, has a twist that sets it apart from the original.
Instead of being a serial killer who transferred his soul to a doll with a voodoo spell, this time Chucky is a high-tech-powered doll that is manipulated by one of the plant’s workers where he was manufactured who disabled all his functions of Security. A story that could perfectly be a chapter of the popular “Black Mirror” series.
In this remake the comedian and actress Aubrey Plaza – known for her roles in the series “Parks and Recreation” and “Legion” – she plays Karen Barclay, who gives the doll to her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman), to help him adjust after a house change.
The doll works connected to a cell phone app and barely reaches Andy’s home and Karen begins to engage in violent behavior. Chucky’s voice this time is played by actor Mark Hamill, the same one who became a pop icon for his role as Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars”.
Unlike the 1988 film, which was filled with praise celebrating the fun supernatural thriller that later became a saga, “The Devil Doll” has divided critics, although some have celebrated that with its technological twist it raises questions that update history.

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