translated from Spanish: The group of friends meets

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Unforgettable afternoon spent the ladies in an entertaining meeting held at the house of Consuelo Beltrán de Flores in La Primavera, in which they enjoyed a very decent coexistence in which they were remembering the best life experiences they have past since the day his cute brotherly bond was formed.
At the meeting
Taking advantage of the whole group of friends being present, they also decided to celebrate in honor of Clara Consuelo de la Vega and Consuelo Beltrán de Flores, since a few days ago it was their birthdays. The honorees were very happy and pleased to celebrate once again this long-awaited date with their best and most dear friends, who received them in the midst of many kisses, shades and best wishes. The parties also thanked God for all the blessings received in the course of their lives, which they have always treasured in their hearts. Menu
The ladies savored and shared a shrimp cocktail with abalone, a fresh salad and a pasta with fish in green sauce, and for dessert a strawberry pavlova prepared by Margot Dow.

Silvia Perezcelis, Sigrid de Ayala, Consuelo de Flores, Clara de Ruiz and Margot de Dow.

Singing his favorite songs at full throttle.

A love like no other is the one that always manifests itself.

Consuelo Beltran de Flores and Clara de la Vega de Ruiz.

Jenni Franco, Amanda Tejeda, Lucy de Carlón, Sigrid de Ayala, Rosy Aragon, Dobbi Carlón, Isabell Michel, Larissa Ruiz de Ortiz, Consuelito Flores, Silvia López Sánchez, Margot de Dow, Chepina Guerra, Clara de la Vega, Consuelo Beltrán de Flores and Silvia Perezcelis.

All together in the photo of the memory of his conviviality.

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