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Mexico.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at a press conference, assured that the impeachment of Gonzalo Hernández Licona, of the National Evaluation Council (Coneval) was not because he published an article against austerity measures, and because so It was decided by the welfare secretary.
“So it is not true that it was by his writing that this was decided before he wrote his article, I am sure. This decision was made more than a month ago because an anthropologist who is a member of the council was invited to participate.”
“The above because the welfare secretary, María Luisa Albores proposed. I was raised by the welfare secretary who felt it was time for the changes to be given there, I said yes, to see it.”
The Chair noted that as part of that process, Solomon Nahmad Sittón, a member of the council, and the sociologist Armando Batra were invited to participate, but both did not want to participate in this more Executive position.
The representative reiterated that revenge is not his forte, but he does “warm up” being compared. In addition, he qualified José Nabor Cruz Marcelo, a new holder, as a prestigious researcher, a professional academic.
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