translated from Spanish: Vehicle verification should not be used as a collection mechanism: Arturo Hernández

Morelia; Michoacán.- The vehicle verification is intended to improve the air quality in our state and to compensate for the impact of ecological, but not be an option for tax collection, said the local deputy of Acción Nacional, Arturo Hernández Vázquez, who expressed his displeasure at the state government’s announcement of financial fines to those who have not verified their car, stating that the administration’s action is contradictory, and that the appeal is not covered by the Revenue Act 2019 and the rules of operation are unclear.
“I of course that I am not against vehicle verification, on the contrary, we must look for mechanisms to improve air quality, but let us remember that on April 25 the authority stated that there would be no fines for the citizenry and now we are on the news that will be fined 1,600 pesos. Similarly, we are concerned that the rules of operation are very diffuse and unclear, so we call on the state government to clarify this situation that affects only taxpayers,” he said in a statement.
In addition to the 2019 tax collection, the operating rules were not clear in the entity, since the entity had only 10 verificentros to meet the demand of the entire state, so it was not clear how it was ap citizens living in other municipalities.
“The state government should clarify the collection of these taxes, should sanctions begin to be applied and also clarify how it applies to people living in other municipalities where there is no operation of a verificenter, if there will be permits who will give them, where, there are many questions that we hope will be answered by the authority,” he said.
The vice-coordinator of the parliamentary group of the albiazul in the Local Congress, considered that the measure, instead of motivating verification, causes social discontent, especially since 80 percent of what was collected is for the verificenter operator and the remaining would be earmarked for an air improvement campaign fund.

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