translated from Spanish: Former Venezuelan governor arrested for torture in Costa Rica

San José.- The former governor of Venezuela’s State, Eduardo Manuitt, 63, was arrested on Wednesday along with four other people in Costa Rica for torturing his workers for information on a burglary that occurred on a farm they have in the country Central american. The other detainees are a son and the former governor’s brother, Carlos Manuitt, 25, Alberto Martinez, 38. Venezuelans, too. And Juan Aguilar, 36, and José Villalobos, 22, are Costa Ricans.
The robbery occurred in April, the five detainees reported to the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) the theft of five head of cattle on the farm in the Coronado sector. 
These five people then entered the workers’ house, tied them up and tortured them to tell who had stolen from them, according to the OIJ statement. 

Judicial agents highlighted in the Miscellaneous Crimes Section managed to arrest three Venezuelans and two Costa Ricans, who are suspected of Deprivation of Freedom, Injury and Torture.
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July 24, 2019

The authorities investigate the facts to learn more about the case, however, the crimes of the suspects are: deprivation of liberty, injury and torture. This morning in the raids of five homes in the Coronado sector and two in Escazú, the suspects were arrested along with the confiscation of documents, firearms and vehicles. The director of the judicial police, Walter Espinoza, mentioned that a false passport of the former governor of Venezonalo was found, with the same name but of El Salvador. 

Eduardo Manuitt. Agencies.

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