translated from Spanish: Al Ahli rejected River’s last offer by Paulo Diaz

Paulo Díaz wants to play in River, Gallardo wants him in the team and Al Ahli is willing to release him, however, the remaining leg of the table is that of River, who does not finish meeting the expectations of the Arabs to definitively put an amount that per finished the long novel. The “Doll” stated that this was his only request and a percentage difference and two million dollars are pushing him away. This time, the Millionaire stretched more to try to close the Chilean’s chip, but put the line at $3 million for 50% of the player’s pass.
However, Al Ahli demonstrated that his goal is to recover the invested, beyond that the values in percentages are potentially higher than what he can get. What’s going on? The Asian team claims $5 million for 100% of the token, as this is the case with its clause. Beyond River being able to put 3 million now and another 3 million in a few months, he doesn’t finish convincing and the 5 million on the spot is the bill that closes. The team, on the other hand, runs out of options and already realizes that it can’t give the arm to twist.
Paulo Díaz already has the decision not to return to Saudi Arabia and since the end of the America’s Cup he trains at the Palestinian club, along with his brother, awaiting a resolution. What is a fact is that if from Nunez they do not squeeze for it, the offer will come from elsewhere.

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