translated from Spanish: Brutal assault on alphajores owner «Captain of Space» in Bernal: «They acted knowing who it was»

At 18:20 on Wednesday afternoon, businessman Mario Diaz, owner of the «Captain of Space» alphajores factory, suffered a shop at his home in the Town of Bernal. They beat him and beat him and his wife, Liliana, who was at home with the flu.» They acted knowing who i was. They were waiting for me to arrive from the factory,» Diaz says. «I resisted because I didn’t want them to come into my house. I hit them and they beat me,» he adds, pointing to the wounds on their head from various butts. 

«I opened the garage to get the car in and when I’m putting it in, the five criminals show up. I resisted and they broke my head. They came in and tied us up with the shoelaces,» he explained. «Then because they didn’t want to take me to the factory because they were afraid that someone would recognize me on the way, they took the key from me, three left and two stayed with us. The factory is three blocks away. I had to give them the alarm combination because I had no choice.»

«As I was told there, they also made a mess and stirred everything up. We worked until six o’e/t, so there weren’t many people left when they went. I don’t know what they took from there because I wasn’t there yet.»» The factory cameras work so everything has to be registered. Police last night told me there could be someone from the company following,» the businessman concluded.

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