translated from Spanish: Grabois denounced Macri and IMF directors for the deal

Juan Grabois today denounced President Mauricio Macri, Nicolas Dujovne, Christine Lagarde and David Lipton for «illicit association» and «breach of the duties of public official», considering that they put together «dollar deals» in which «very few win a lot of money.» In the criminal complaint, Grabois stated that the money received by the country from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was used for electoral purposes. 

The white glove thieves struck $13 billion dollars that we’re going to have to pay the Argentinians. They are part of the debt incurred with the IMF and q was dedicated to financing the election campaign, creating a #BombaEconomica to stabilize the dollar until dsp d elections — Juan Grabois (@JuanGrabois)
July 24, 2019

«The complaint is for a series of businesses that are supported by the dollars in the fund and where very few earn a lot of money. We will follow the cause because this debt will not be paid by the people, it will have to be paid by those who took it,» the leader of Patria Grande said.In statements to radio El Destape, he detailed that the criminal filing is «by unlawful association and non-compliance with the duties of a civil servant.» 

«To explain to me which schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods took over the IMF loan, because it only served to fund the leak and maintain this time bomb,» Grabios complained.

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