translated from Spanish: Chadwick acknowledges that no registration protocol was followed in the event of an attack at Huechuraba Police Station

The Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, confirmed on Friday that the protocol that Carabineros has had since 2011 to prevent attacks such as the one that occurred on Thursday at the police station of Huechuraba, was not fulfilled.
“Obviously in this case that protocol was not given compliance, because the artifact reached the major’s office, and it shouldn’t have been,” Chadwick said after holding a meeting with teams from Carabineros and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
The secretary of state said he expects the culprits to “receive the exemplary sanction established by law.”
The Minister of interior reported that the meeting was held to ensure that professional teams and resources are ready to investigate the shipment of two explosives, sent through the Chilean Posts, to the 54th Police Station of Huechuraba and the former Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter.
“Terrorist groups are adversaries with a lot of power and ability to do these kinds of actions, and therefore we have to have peace of mind for the investigation to be effective,” Chadwick said.
The Interior holder also responded to criticism of the National Intelligence Agency (ANI). “It’s easy to criticize from the outside,” he said.

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